​​ ABC's of Cancer - Always Believe Christ​​

ABC's of Christ - Always Believe Cancer
happens for a reason.  You are the reason.
Reason being, your relationship with Big G is being elevated.

 ​Prayer of Serenity

God grant me the serenity
to accept the person I can not change.  
Courage to change the person I can.  
The wisdom to know it's me!

​The depressed 'poor me' asks "Why me?"  
The inspired 'rich me' knows what choice is best for me!  
The centered 'true me' sees what she can do to encourage others through cancer.

You've got cancer.  Now what?​​
​Cancer might not kill you, but your emotions
will feed your cancer.
You get to choose how to deal with
your circumstance.

Emotions and food play a huge role in a body at ease or diseased.

1.  Believe the diagnosis - you've got cancer.   
a.  Ignore the prognosis
b. Accept the prognosis.
If you ignore the prognosis you must be willing to change.
Change your eating and thought habits. 
If you don't change, nothing will change.

If you accept the prognosis and want to finish your tour here,
you have a choice.
A.  Finish well filled with inspiration - teaching your family and friends
the best you can -  how to live each day as it were your last.  
Accepting your inevitable death and asking others to teach you about
heaven will bring hope and healing to your mind.  

Living with hope brings peace to your mind.  When you are filled with peace you can
(or ask someone to) write a letter of encouragement to your loved ones.  
You will be gone but your letter will live on!  Until you meet again!

B.  Finish not so well by pretending all is well, living in silence suffering alone
as you ignore your feelings/fears.

It's going to take 'Courage' to fight for your life or surrender to your death.  

2.  Cry out to Big G -  Christ.

3.  Trust Christ as your #1 tour guide.

4.  Choose a plan.  Stick with the plan.

Plan A  Plan B   Plan C   Plan D

Plan A - Create a self directed plan 
Plan B - Follow the plan of the MD  
Plan C- Follow the plan of the MD and ND
Plan D - Follow plan A and plan C

Plan A - Trust in Christ for direction and believe in yourself.
Plan B - Trust in Christ and the MD's plans.  (MD-Medical Dr)
Plan C - Trust in Christ, follow some of the MD's and ND's plans.  (ND-Naturopath Dr)

Dorothy chose Plan D.  She chose her team of
Medical and Naturopath Dr's,
educated herself then she ran away for 1 day.  
Which turned into 9 days of solitude
to come up with a plan.  
Upon completion of her soaking time with Big G
she gained the confidence and commitment to believe
enough in herself and her plan.

Until then it was a tour to hell and back with her emotions. 
Once she accepted Christ as her tour guide,
she gained enough 'Courage' 
to show up, stand up and speak up
to her family about her choice.  
She let go of herer panic,
her second guessing and her fear.

While going through the worst she experienced the best
                                            when she found her voice and made her choice.