Have you been thinking about Heaven?
We need to Talk. 
From the heart of Mrs. Encouragement

The body is worthless.  The soul eternal.
Big G is good everyday.  Everyday BIg G is good.
Everyday is a day of grace. A day to enjoy or endure until we go to heaven.​​  Through your circumstances you get to know who Big G wants to be for you.  

Big G wants to be your greatest encourager.  He wants to help you get to where you're going.  If you don't know where you're headed it's never too late to turn around. 

He wants to dispel all your fears and doubts.  He wants to be a friend closer than a brother or sister, the candle to light your path.  He wants to be the alter of your peace,
the majestic voice within you.  He wants you to experience His best while going through your worst.

He is the leader of all truth and the higher order in your mind.  He is the conqueror of death, hell and the grave.

Big G speaks your language.  He knows your deepest need.  Like an answer to prayer. A prayer only you could confirm the answer was from Him.  Sent by special delivery for you to be able to enjoy or endure that difficult day. 

The impossible is possible when you know Big G.  You feel His power within you.  As you gain confidence and trust in Big G letting go of self sabotage is simple.

When you experience His amazing love, forgiveness, grace and mercy through prayer and study of His word in the Bible it’s easy to give glory where glory is due. 

Glory to Big G through whom all blessings flow brings a smile to your face knowing it is only through Him that peace is possible in the centre of your storm.  All things work for the good knowing Him and loving Him. 

If you think your circumstances are taking you through hell, don't stop there.  Keep going, remember your destination is heaven.  Spending time with Spirit and Truth takes away dark thoughts that surface due to the impact of toxic out of control emotions within you or out of control emotions of those around you.  

You are not alone, when no one is around to witness your difficult moments.  Cry out to Big G and ask for help.   Help is right there.  You’ll be able to re-focus on how BIG, Big G is and what He can do through you and for you.  That way the focus is off the circumstance and on Him.

Not only does He want to help you, so do your friends.  It’s up to you to tell your friends how to best serve your needs in each moment. 

When you experience peace through difficult days your heart is full of joy and your joy is complete because of His great love for you. 

It is a moment of great happiness, an inner contentment. 

Soon and very soon when your name is called up yonder you’re going to have the time of your life when the time of your life is over.  In the meantime, it’s up to you how you choose to live this day of grace for the glory of Big G.

May you be greatly happy as you let go of your temporary life here and prepare your heart for heaven, weather it's a day a week a month a year a decade or many decades. Enjoy your life through the lens of each moment being the first and last time to enjoy.  

In your moments of great happiness know that Big G will give you the courage to encourage your loved ones to cry out to Him when they are at a loss for words.  As they grieve deeply thinking about life without you (if you’re the one with cancer).  If you’re the loved one of the one with cancer He’ll give you the courage to turn your back on your fear of death, trusting that you’ll meet again. 

In your moments of great happiness, you’ll know that you’re drawn towards the glorious light of Big G the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ as you or your loved one enter heaven, where the soul will spend eternity in a new body.  A body with no aches or pains. 

A soul that is happy forever after.  Forever singing, dancing and praising Big G.  

Big G is your courage. As you teach your circle of influence, how to live happy and die without regrets.  Trusting that where you or you’re loved one will be when your breath of life is no longer here will help you recover through your grief. 

With much love, 
Mrs. Encouragement - Dorothy Sessa

If you have a loved one that could use some encouragement.  I send out cards through Canada Post, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.  Cards that you can touch! Cards that touch the heart & uplift the spirit.

Send your name & address to:
Mrs. Encouragement
515 - 26 Avenue NW.
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p.p.s - If you send ME a card of encouragement I'll send you my new (2"x4") courage message that clings to glass or mirror.  It will remind you to be full of Courage.  Be sure to have your name and return address label on the envelope.