From the heart of Mrs. Encouragement

Heaven is a wonderful place
Filled with glory & grace
That's where you're going to see
your Savior's face
Heaven is a Wonderful place

To accept that death is part of life. 
Helps you to be ready for heaven
Big G wants to be:

  • Your Greatest Encourager
  • A friend closer than a brother or sister
  • The alter of your peace
  • The candle to light your path

Big G can:

  • Dispel all your doubts and fears
  • Take away dark thoughts
  • Help you get to where you’re going

You’ll experience His best while going
through your worst

  • Big G is the leader of all truth and the higher order in your mind
  • Big G is the conqueror of death, hell and the grave

Think your circumstances are taking you through hell, don’t stop there.  Keep going, your destination is heaven.

Big G is Spirit and Truth

  • Ask for help.

You’ll be able to re-focus on how Big, Big G is. 
What He can do through you and for you. 
Free to focus on Him.  Not your circumstances.

Not only does Big G want to help you,
so do your friends.
  • Acknowledge the possibility that your journey to heaven has begun
  • Ask for help
  • Make a list as to how your friends can help​ 

This will lessen the load of responsibilities through difficult days.  Giving your heart room for joy.  Your joy can then be complete because of His great love for you.

May you:

  • Be content as you let go of your temporary life here and prepare your heart for heaven. 
  • Face your day through the lens of each moment being the first and last time to enjoy.

Through your illness Big G will give you the
courage to encourage your loved ones to cry
out to Him when they are at a loss for words. 

As they grieve deeply thinking about life without you (if you’re the one with cancer).  If you’re the loved one of the one with cancer He’ll give you the courage to turn your back on your fear of death, trusting that you’ll meet again. 

In your moments of peace

  • Know that you will be drawn towards the glorious light of Big G
  • Your soul will spend eternity in a new body.  A body with no aches or pains. 

Here the body is worthless.  The soul eternal.  A soul that looks forward to heaven is a happy soul.  Happy forever after. 

Forever singing, dancing and praising Big G.  

  • As you teach your circle of influence, how to be content and die without regrets.  Big G will be your courage. 
  • As your circle of influence, trusts that your destination is heaven, helps to recover from grief.  

Much love,
Mrs. Encouragement – Dorothy Sessa

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