Psalm 23:6 ​​ Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life and
I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


by Mrs. Encouragement  Dorothy Sessa

 Create a quiet place for women to run to.  Just for a day. 

A place to dream, think, write, laugh and cry. 

A place with no noise.
A place called: 

Shirley Goodness & Mary

Shirley is my mother.  Nov 18, her birthday.
She ran away and never came back. 
She died at the age of 64.
32 years after she ran away and
20 years after her death

I awoke with this BIG dream in 2017. 

Mary is a family friend. 
She died at the age of 63.
Her battle with cancer in 2017
gave her family time  
to create final memories.

Mary was a brave & courageous friend.

How we handle life, changes with each generation.
May we be able to make significant changes in how we deal with emotional health.

Stresses  Frustrations  Disappointments
They lead us to breaking points.
Often times we think of running away.

It's important to ask our self a few questions before we flee.

Where can I go?  How will I get there? 
What will I do next?
What will running away accomplish?

What can we do before society locks up a loved one and throws away the key?
When is society going to change how they deal with emotional health?

How about:
Running away just for a day. 

Taking responsibility
for our choices.

Learning new 
communication skills.

our emotions.

Love ourselves enough to nourish our brain
with healthy non gmo foods.
Eliminating all sugars and white flour.

February 2017 took me to a quiet place
for 3 days to strategize my
healing plan for cancer. 
It turned out to be 9 days. 

Through this choice I found peace and
believed in myself  enough to
take a stand for me and my choice.

November 2017 took me to creating a
private space in my home where I can: 

Be quiet and listen to music. 
Be quiet and write. 
Be quiet and cry.
Be quiet and laugh.
Be quiet and think.

A place to nap all by myself
and listen to soothing music
to sooth my soul.  

In the hustle and bustle of life. 
Through illness or retirement. 
It is important to create something that works for you. 

Before you fall apart at the seams. 
Before society labels you and locks you up.

It's important to:
Create healthy boundaries
Get over fears before they take you over. 
Create a space where no complaining is allowed. 
Take a stand and stop allowing another person to control your life  

Otherwise you'll plan your escape and
then it will be too late. 

Your body and mind will be stuck in the 
fight or flight mode where there is no room to heal.

Choose this day to create space just for you.  
Choose this day to create your BIG Dream.

You can find out more on my blog about what set me off
to create my own space at (November 23, 2017 entry)


May all your dreams come true.
Remember, goodness and mercy follow you.

Mrs. Encouragement   Dorothy Sessa

p.s. Ladies, where could we go to

Live Love & Laugh?
For a day, a weekend, a week?  Let me know.
We can get together and strategize.
Let's create together a new way of
dealing with the status quo.

In the meantime find healing for your emotions
by listening & repeating the
Ho'oponopono Hawaiian Prayer
I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Thank You, I Love You