Dorothy's Top Choices - Go To List

Patrick Porter -
Relax the Brain-Breathe Deeply.
Let go of anxiety.

Dr. Caroline Leaf -
Gain clairity on the battlefield with our thoughts.  
Toxic negative thoughts cause a diseased body! 

Dr.  Raj Rakhra -
Ayurved Naturopath-Calgary
ozone/IV therapy

Chris Wark -  
Helps us let go of fear based decisions.  
Ongoing support for natural healing.

Ocean Robins -
Helps us gain confidence that food is our medicine.

​Tye Bollinger -
Helps educate and inform us about choices
we can make to help ourself.

Documentary - Eating You Alive - promotes no oil,
whole food plant based lifestyle. 
Heart Specialist Dr. Esselstyn promotes no oil, plant based
nutrition to reverse heart disease.
Josephine Tite (Dorothy's daughter) Calgary
Shares the spread of happiness.
Organize meals for a friend after birth, surgery or an illness.
Grief support workshops through all kinds of losses.
A non spiritual journey through your emotions.

Where do you go to for encouragement? Who do you cry out to for help?
​Difference Makers International
Bible Study Fellowship 
Bible classes for every age around the world. 

Graham Cooke -
Helps confirm our identity in Christ.
Teachings also on YouTube
Passionate People - Inviting people to faith
Inspiring them to grow  
Encouraging them to generously Invest in others

A letter from God the Father on how majestic is His Love.
Pastor of Passion City Church and Founder of Passion Movement
7 day blog: Putting an X through Anxiety

Lose your money, you haven't lost much.  Lose your health, you've lost something.  
Lose your soul, you've lost everything!

​​My Big G is Alive - He saves souls - Cry out to Jesus.
~ ~ ~ ~ 
Until we meet ~ begin healing your emotions with the  
Ho'oponopono Prayer  
I'm Sorry, Please forgive me, I Thank You, I Love You