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Dorothy Sessa
Author   Speaker   Encourager​​​​

Dorothy opens conversations 3 ways around Courage and Possibilities.

1.  Encouraging families touched by cancer or suicide.

2.  Empowering women one on one or in groups.

3.  Inspiring those near death to plan a 'my life' celebration before the time of their life is over.

Her Self Published Books
2007   2011   2016

Her journey with speaking began with facing her fear in front of an audience in 2002.  Then she stepped in front of family & friends.  Now speaking for
RSVP Ministies (formerly Stonecroft Canada).

Dorothy's life is full of possibilities.  She's from Calgary where you’re encouraged to be part of the energy.  You’ll feel the energy when you connect your history to eternity as you see where your life fits in to the Bible. 

Even through an identity crisis, depression and breast cancer, Dorothy believes Big G is bigger than her circumstances.  In the speaking arena her voice shouts for joy as she shares from her heart.  You hear confidence and commitment from her as she shows up, stands up and speaks up encouraging you to just be you and ask for what you want.

Like Dorothy, it’s your turn now.  It’s your turn to follow the desire of your heart.  It’s your turn to discover your passion and purpose in life.

Now is the time to connect your dots with Dorothy.  Time to invest in yourself, get in touch with all the possibilities in your life, let go of shrinking back and move forward.  Time to touch, move and inspire yourself, change the impossible to possible. 

You’ll be filled with hope as you turn your heart to Big G.  The One and Only One whose calling you by name, who loves you just as you are.  You’ll leave filled with courage, confidence and a commitment to be who Big G says you are.  

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In being grounded, growing and grateful Dorothy has chosen to serve Christ over cancer, faith over fear, to open her soul to new experiences . . . . 

. . . . If you could have been there from the begining of her adult life it wasn't like that. If you were walking and talking with her, you would have seen what was missing.  Her longings kept her in tears, locked behind closed doors.  You could feel the tension in the air around her.  Feel her depression.  See the sadness in her eyes.  She was afraid to just be herself.  But who was she anyway? 

Dorothy had immersed herself into her husband’s culture. Then one day her soul opened up.  She thought she was too Canadian to be Italian yet too Italian to be Canadian.  Now what?  She didn’t know who she was or where she fit it.  She was lost in translation.  Her role at home was changing.  Her family was growing up creating lives of their own.  She felt lost without a vision for her life.

When the clock turned from 1999 to 2000 things began to change.  But not until her final suicide attempt where she asked herself two very important questions.  Dorothy, what are you feeling and when did you first feel like this?  The answer to those two questions set her on a journey of discovery.  She discovered who she was and what she loved to do.  

She found the courage to just be herself and ask for what she wanted.  On her journey of transforming from a stay at home mom to a business woman she invited Big G into her emotions.  She let go of being a people pleaser and began to please Big G.  He helped her let go of her fears.  Filling her to overflowing with His Spirit of Power, of Love and Self Discipline.  It was a difficult journey yet when she wrote those books it helped her to get out of the frame of her life to see the bigger picture and let go of being bitter. 

As you face the challenges and changes in your life with a cancer diagnosis, Dorothy encourages you to know that Big G is right there with you and wants to be your friend. Dorothy can lead you to experiencing the best while going through the worst.

Even when cancer showed up in Dorothy's life, Big G showed her who He wanted to be for her.  Now He’s holding her hand guiding her through her emotions as she has the time of her life before the time of her life is over.  

After planning events for her children's birthdays, weddings and baby showers, it brings a sense of purpose to inspire those who'd love to have a special celebration of their life before their life is over.

Call Dorothy today, you'll say 'Thank you Mrs. Encouragement, I found courage'. Courage to be myself and have the party of 'my life', a party with a purpose.  A party that brought a smile to my face and helped me die happy.  Thx Dorothy Thx! 

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My Big G

Seeing people full of joy, love, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

Even during life's circumstances, courage shows up, confidence stands up and commitment speaks up being their true selves as they seek the ABC's of life.

Always Believing Christ

My Big G​​

Encouraging people to turn their hearts towards Christ the lover of their soul.

Standing firm in the foundation of being 
Grounded Growing and Grateful.

With the ability to live the ABC's of life,

the best they possibly can in being

Adventurous Blameless Courageous 

Resulting in
Adequate Beneficient & Confident servants of Big G.
Filled with the possibility of
living and dying happy.

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Mrs. Encouragement
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