My Big G​​ ​​

Bigger than Life       Bigger than Death

God the Father    God the Son    God the Holy Spirit​

​​​Turn your back on life's
circumstances - Face Christ

​​Mind Healing Ministry

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Dorothy Sessa - Mamma D Butterfly

Speaker for RSVP Ministries (formerly Stonecroft)
Her Journey:  'Worthless to Priceless'

On your 'Tour of Courage', Dorothy will be your tour guide.  

As she speaks to you through the lenz of  transformation.  
While on a tour of duty in a foreign war zone with a 
cancer diagnosis she let go of being terminally serious.
Her mindset shifted and turned depression into inspiration,
upon the discovery of being grounded, growing and grateful.
After nine months on the tour she found herself at ground zero again 
when a family member and a friend received a cancer diagnosis.
Having been there done that, Dorothy began her 'Tou r of Courage'.  

Quoting Dorothy:  "Choose this day who you will serve.  
Christ or cancer?  I choose Christ!"    

Dorothy believes that God is bigger than any of life's circumstances.  Against all odds.  Having grown up in a culture of silence.
She married an Italian!  Through this circumstance she found her voice.  With one Italian husband, three children and seven little g's, her grandchildren she is filled with love, spontaneity, and laughter. Thanks to being friends with Jesus .   




My Big G


Guiding people to the #1 tour guide, Jesus Christ,
the source of living hope and healing.  
Even in the midst of life's circumstances, He
gives us Courage, Confidence and a Commitment to 
show up, stand up and speak up
to tell the old old story in a new way.

As we fight the battle for our mind.

My Big G​​

Encourage people to turn their hearts towards 
Christ, the lover of their soul.
Standing firm in the foundation of being 
Grounded Growing and Grateful.
With the ability to live the ABC's of life,

the best they possibly can in being
Adventurous Blameless Courageous 

The Result:  A community of
Adequate Beneficient Confident
people whose joy is complete.

To book Dorothy
as your tour guide
call 403.473.2940 or email

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