My Big G​​ ​​

Bigger than Life       Bigger than Death

God the Father    God the Son    God the Holy Spirit​

​​​Turn your back on life's
circumstances - Face Christ

Mrs. Encouragement

Author   Speaker   Encourager​​
Dorothy Sessa

Speaker for RSVP Ministries (formerly Stonecroft)
Her Journey:  'Worthless to Priceless'

Dorothy will be your tour guide on your tour of encouragement.  

As she speaks to you through the lens of transformation.  
While on a tour of duty in a foreign war zone with a 
cancer diagnosis she let go of being terminally serious.

Her mindset shifted and her depression turned into inspiration.
The discovery of being grounded, growing and grateful
helped her to accept breast cancer as a gift.

After nine months on the tour she found herself at ground zero again 
when a family member and a friend received a cancer diagnosis.
Having been there done that, Dorothy began her 'Tou r of Courage'.  

Quoting Dorothy:  "Choose this day who you will serve.  
Christ or cancer?  I choose Christ!"    

Dorothy believes that God is bigger than any of life's circumstances.   You can see the transformation in her.  
One major lesson learned from cancer, death is part of life.
She experiences life in the moment now.  The result:  Peace.  
Her mind is healed.  Living a purpose filled life
begins here before life ends here.

Having  turned her back on life's circumstances to face and serve Christ  over cancer, faith over fear,
the eyes of her  soul have opened to new experiences.  




My Big G

Seeing people full of joy, love, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
Even during life's circumstances, courage shows up, confidence stands up and commitment speaks up being their true selves as they seek the ABC's of life.
Always Believe Christ

My Big G​​

Encourage people to turn their hearts towards Christ the lover of their soul.
Standing firm in the foundation of being 
Grounded Growing and Grateful.
With the ability to live the ABC's of life,

the best they possibly can in being
Adventurous Blameless Courageous 

The Result:  A community of
Adequate Beneficient Confident
people whose minds are healed.

To book Mrs. Encouragement 
as your tour guide
call 403.473.2940 or email

Dorothy's uncensored cancer journal and beyond.​​