Invite Big G on your 3 Tour's with Your Emotions
  • Afraid to Die > > > Gain Courage to live to the fullest until the time of your life is over.
  • Tour cemeteries. 

  • Afaid to Live > > > Gain Confidence as you let go of being terminally serious.  
  • Tour playgrounds.

  • Afraid to be Yourself > > > Gain Commitment to move forward with the desires of your heart.
  • Tour feelings.

Look inside your thoughts to see outside as to how you show up in your life.  

Leave with 2 important questions to ask Big G and 2 important questions to ask yourself.    

Dorothy  will teach you

  • Where you came from.

  • Who you are.

  • Who you aren't.

  • Why you're here.

  • Where you'll be when you're not here.

Join a tour with 
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Encourager

Dorothy Sessa / Mrs. Encouragement  

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