ABC's of Depression
These are the main causes of Dorothy's decades of depression.
Each one's causes are unique to one's situation.

Afraid  Blame  Camouflage

Afraid - Out of fear she hid the ugliest layer of herself. 
Thinking it too ugly for anyone to continue loving her. 
Stuffing emotions which got stirred up continuously. 
Resulting in a stack attack!

Blame ~ Taking the easy way out, blaming another person or 
cultural expectations for why she was feeling depressed. 
Resulting in many out of control verbal outbursts. 
Otherwise known as a stack attack.  

Camouflage ~ Covering up her emotions by
pretending everything was ok when it wasn't. 
Resulting in a stack attack! 
The result of unfinished business.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Depression for Dorothy was a slow way of being dead. 

After memorizing how depression felt she got curious. 
Thinking it was time to memorize how happiness feels. 

Filled with the desire to be happy Dorothy began to
feel her way towards being alive.

Her ‘Flight to Freedom’ began in her 40’s.  Now she's 65!  
Dorothy's breast cancer diagnosis in 2016 helped her 
invite Big G into her emotional crisis. 

Taking difficult baby steps on some days and leaps on others.
She's now created the ABC’s of her Mental Health Cleaning Initiative.
Where would you like your emotions to take you?