A B C's   of   S u i c i d e

Ask  Breathe  Capture  

Ask yourself two important questions
1.  What am I feeling?  2. When did I first feel like this?
Breathe deeply – wait for the answer . . . . then . . . .
1.  Smile   2.  Go for a walk   
3.  Laugh as if no one is watching for you’ve been
set free from feeling like that.
Capture your thoughts.
1.  Let go of poor me lies.  2.  Begin to support yourself in loving ways.
Love yourself enough to look in the mirror and change the way you look at life.
Look in the mirror.  Smile.  Speak with confidence, saying:
Empowered, enlightened, equipped and encouraged. 
That’s who I am. 
Leaping over walls of discouragement and disappointment. 
That’s what I’m able to do. 
Supporting myself in loving joyous ways.
Experiencing the sweetness of today, just by being ‘me’. 
That’s who I choose to be.