From the heart of Mrs. Encouragement

Heaven is a wonderful place filled with glory & grace.  That's where we're going to see Jesus, the Savior's face.  Heaven is a Wonderful place!

Knowing our healing may or may not take place here, helps us to let go and open our hearts to heaven.
Big G wants to be:

  • Our Greatest Encourager
  • A friend closer than a brother or sister
  • The alter of our peace
  • The candle to light our path

Big G can:

  • Dispel all our doubts and fears
  • Take away dark thoughts
  • Help us get to where we’re going

We’ll experience His best while going
through our worst

  • Big G is the leader of all truth and the higher order in our mind.
  • Big G is the conqueror of death, hell and the grave.

Big G is Spirit and Truth

  • When we ask for His help, we’ll be able to take our focus off of our circumstances and re-focus on how Big, Big G is. 

Not only does Big G want to help us,
so do our friends.

  • Let's make a list of how they can best help us​. 

This will lessen the load of responsibilities through our difficult days.  Remembering to breathe in good thoughts and exhale toxic thoughts, we help ourselves cope.

May we:

  • Be content as we let go of our temporary life here and prepare our hearts for heaven. 
  • Face our day through the lens of each moment being the first and last time to enjoy.

In our moments of peace

  • We know that we will be drawn towards the glorious light of Big G
  • We know our soul will spend eternity in a new body.  A body with no aches or pains. 

Much love,
Mrs. Encouragement – Dorothy Sessa

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