​​My Big G

Seeing men & women full of joy, love,
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self control.

Even during life's circumstances, courage

shows up, confidence stands up and
commitment speaks up being their 
true selves as they seek the ABC's of life.

Always Believing Christ

​​My Big G​​

Encouraging men & women 
to turn their hearts towards Christ
the lover of their soul.

Standing firm in the foundation of being 
Grounded Growing and Grateful.

With the ability to live the ABC's of life,
the best they possibly can in being

Adventurous Blameless Courageous ​​
​​Resulting in Being

  • Adequate
  • Beneficent
  • Confident

Servants of Big G, filled with

  • Peace & Possibility 
  • Happiness in Life
  • Contentment at Death